Monday, July 5, 2010

This is a harpy eagle, south american and I think the largest of the this tattoo, almost all monochromatic... just some reds and yellows and a little green.

This is a painting I did for a friend whose 15 year old son has freidrichs ataxia. Its a disease that affects his motor skills, and most likely will have heart disease and other problems to face.
we printed the art on skateboards and all proceeds went to the family.
I did this at Jeff Gogues last painting seminar, had a blast, thanks man! Its now at a show at Optic Nerve Arts in Portland Or. and hope it makes it home, I like this one....T shirts to come soon of this..
Jeff also came to visit last weekend and did an amazing Frazetta tattoo, also finished an interview with me for tattoo artist magazine. so honored!
This Kirin tattoo is on Dave Barnitz, awsome artis and person. Great conversations about having integrity in our work....Thanks man!
These are a few paintings I did for my daughter Olivia. 15 months old now and every day is amazing to watch her push her own boundries. Im slowing down a bit on conventions just to be watch her thrive and grow and Im just amazed at how fast it happens....


  1. good to see you going with the 'cold blood'.....
    congrats on the TAM interview.
    uncle pauly said he saw you. that is all.

  2. What the fuck! That first one is great!

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