Monday, July 5, 2010

been a while...

Been a bit since Ive had time to get on here. funny how fast life can go when your always got something on your mind...I always find if I try to do too much I spread myself too thin and nothing is a good as I had hoped. keep it simple! I need to always remind myself that...simple and positive. So alot has happened since the last blog. lots of fun tattoos, some fun paintings and a few books Ive been published in. The first book is called "Tattoo Prodigies" and is put out by Mike DeVries and can be found at so happy to be part of this, the level of artists in this book is ridiculous and Im just honored to even be considered.

The second is "Innerstate" the dvd book combo available from on the 5 days of painting at the hell city show in columbus. so inspired after getting this , I want to do it I am! september heading to hancock mass. for the paradise artist retreat.

This is the 3rd session on Jamie, an amazing artist that works at pretty in ink in Roseville ca.
still have a few sessions to go, but pretty happy with the progress and really like the way it fits.
gonna put a bit more warmer colors to balance all the cools.
These paintings were a few done at the national show in seattle this year. They were auctioned off at the show and raised about $13,000 for the hardship fund that helps people in the association that fall on hard times. super fun and got to paint with some of the best...Aaron Bell, Henning Jorgensen, Jeff Gogue, Manuel Valenzula,Mike Godfrey,JoJo Ackerman,Kahlil from tattoo city, to name a few.

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  1. Ha, I was at that show in Seattle. Amazing seminars....